Thursday, 1 December 2011

Chester Victorian Market

Wow...Chester Victorian Market is a busy place! We are there for the next few days so come and see us for a free taste and to buy some yummy 100% pure British honey. I have a hive there with some drawn out frames too if you fancy a closer look (obviously minus the bees!!). Don't forget that hilltop honey makes a fantastic Christmas present for the pure honey aficionados out there. I haven't managed to do any more baking though as too busy selling hilltop honey in my little decorated cabin. Had the scouts out yesterday for some Christmas decorations to adorn the inside of my cabin as this was arranged extremely last minute!!! Have a lovely assortment of lights and decs now so should be looking very Christmassy now! So come on down and have a look! And if you do, let me know you follow me on the blog. I would love to meet some of my followers!!

1 comment:

  1. Well done Scott!! You are a busy little bee aren't you!! Glad to hear you didn't take your bees to Chester with you though....although I know how attached to them you are!!