Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Nevermind busy as a bee! Hungry as a bee more like.

Just tipped the 300kg mark for sugar. They are seriously hungry but I'm hoping this will do them now. I have 12 hives so that's 25 kg per hive. What does everyone think? Whats your experience with feeding?

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  1. Hi Scott,
    I posted a comment on LinkedIn about feeding.
    25kg of sugar per hive is a huge amount it equates to 37.5kgs of sugar syrup mixed 2:1 for a heavy syrup.
    Once the bees evaporate it down to approx.80% sugar content it will be 30kgs of stores. I look to top my bees up to around 20kgs of stores for the winter so you may want to rethink your feeding if only to save you some cash. The brand, blog and everything you are attempting looks fantastic, the very best wishes and good luck with your venture.