Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Stung, blogged and marketed out

Afternoon fellow bee enthusiasts, this is my first ever post and blog so please go easy on me. My name is Scott Davies, I live in Newtown Mid Wales. I have 12 hives going into winter from my first year of being a bee keeper or shall I say bee owner? :-) Today I just popped up to see how my work force (the bees) were getting on with their feed. Stupidly I thought to my self I'm only going to be a few seconds so I wont need my suit. Approximately 30 seconds later here I come running down the garden being chased by my work force. Obviously angry about the pay! Anyway I learnt my lesson and popped back up armoured to the teeth. It's also been a very exciting day meeting with Lori Whinn from who is helping me out with the launch of my brand "hilltop honey" which will be 100% British from bee farmers around the U.K supplying the honey. Also when I have a sufficient number of hives I will have a Welsh honey as part of the brand. After meeting with her I have a massive list of what to do to market my brand so now my head is all over the place of which route to go down first. Anyway thank you for reading my very first post. There will be plenty more to come so please keep in touch.   


  1. Hmmm....are you not paying them the minimum wage???? The sugar syrup must be light on the sugar!! The honey tastes lush though so keep up the good work!!

  2. Looking good Cuz! Roll on the day when you can look back at times spent fuming in the kitchen, donning your pick shower cap and just laugh!! Let me know when you're assembling members for your board and I'll be there!!

  3. Looks like a crystal ball would be a good option right now!!